Homework & Report Cards

The purpose of homework is to extend and reinforce learning and to develop self-discipline, personal responsibility and independent thinking. To this end, our teachers try to make all assignments purposeful and related to class activities, as well as to individual children’s interest, needs and abilities. Parents can offer assistance in the following ways:

  • Check homework daily for completeness, accuracy and neatness.
  • Confer with the teacher if your child is unclear about assignments.
  • Listen to your child and answer questions.
  • Praise efforts and hard work.
  • Encourage children to spend time each evening reading or looking at books.

Homework Guidelines:
The following are the PS 321 grade-by-grade Homework Guidelines:

Grade Reading Written (including Math) Total
K Parents and Children spend time together with books–10 -15 minutes daily Mon-Thurs. None 10-15 minutes
1 10-15 minutes daily Mon-Thurs 10 minutes 2X a week Sept-Dec; 3x a week Jan-June 20-25 minutes on days when written homework is assigned.
2 15-20 minutes daily Mon-Thurs 10-15 minutes 3 x a week 25-35 minutes 3x a week; 15-20 once a week
3 15-20 minutes daily Mon-Thurs 20-25 minutes daily Mon-Thurs. 35-45 minutes daily Mon-Thurs
4 20-30 minutes 25-35 minutes daily Mon-Thurs 45-60 minutes daily Mon-Thurs
5 25-30 minutes 35-40 minutes daily Mon-Thurs 60-70 minutes daily Mon-Thurs


Homework Folders: All students have a red plastic homework folder that goes home with them every night and returns to school with them every morning. The right side is for current homework and the left is for important notices for families .The folder should travel back and forth every day because even when homework is not assigned, there may be important notices for families, or you may need to return notes or permission slips to teachers.

Because 321 is a large school with many activities and events from week to week, flyers go home via your child’s backpack. We do send a lot of information via email, but still find these flyers essential. There is information from the classroom, the administration and the PTA. Although we try to distribute them ahead of time, much depends on how cooperative the copy machines are at a given time. Also, do not expect your child to cheerfully hand over flyers the day they are received. . The left-hand side of the red homework folder will hold these flyers. Please get in the habit of checking it frequently.

Report Cards

Report cards are distributed three times a year in grades 1-5: in November before parent teacher conferences; in March before parent teacher conferences; and on the last day of school.  For Kindergarten, the November report is a narrative; the kindergarten report card with ratings gets sent home in March and June.  We use our own teacher-developed report cards.   Teachers at P.S. 321 write informative comments that get attached to the report card.  The school does not keep copies of report cards, so please keep these for your own child.

Student Placement

The Principal, in consultation with assistant principals and classroom teachers, is in charge of assigning children to classes. Requests for specific teachers are not honored. Our top priority is having heterogeneous classes. Parent requests for a certain type of teacher or attention to a particular issue that would affect your child’s placement will be considered but are not guaranteed. Any such requests must be made in writing to the principal no later than the beginning of May.