Kids Art Fundraiser Shop is Open

We are excited to once again have our Kids Art Fundraiser with Silver Graphics shop open!

You should have received an order form in your child’s red folder with a copy of their art and their unique order code. If you didn’t receive or can’t find the form, you can always head over to and type in our school code “WP22Art” and find your child’s art by looking for their classroom number.

The shop is open through November 30th and the school gets a 33% profit margin on all sales so it’s a great way to give back to the school by checking off some of your holiday shopping to dos! One of the best parts about this fundraiser is that it’s customizable – so you can use the art chosen for this project AND/OR you can upload your own, allowing you to create unique gifts for everyone on your list. Any questions, please contact Tara Schwartz.