Report Cards

Report cards are distributed three times a year in grades 1-5: in November before parent teacher conferences; in March before parent teacher conferences; and on the last day of school. For Kindergarten, the November report is a narrative; the kindergarten report card with ratings gets sent home in March and June. We use our own teacher-developed report cards. Teachers at P.S. 321 write informative comments that get attached to the report card. The school does not keep copies of report cards, so please keep these for your own child.

Student Placement

The Principal, in consultation with assistant principals and classroom teachers, is in charge of assigning children to classes. Requests for specific teachers are not honored. Our top priority is having heterogeneous classes. Parent requests for a certain type of teacher or attention to a particular issue that would affect your child’s placement will be considered but are not guaranteed. Any such requests must be made in writing to the principal no later than the beginning of May.

Cell Phones

The DOE citywide policy is no cell phones in schools. We understand that some students have cell phones to communicate with parents/caregivers before and after school hours. Children are not permitted to receive or send phone calls in school or at recess or when they are out to lunch. If they have a cell phone with them, it must stay in the back pack, turned off, for the entire day. If a teacher sees or hears a child’s cell phone, it will be confiscated and cannot be returned until a parent/guardian comes to school to pick it up. The same is true if we see a child with a cell phone in the yard or in front of school during school hours. Children who go out to lunch should not bring cell phones with them.

Lost & Found

There are bins in the vestibule outside the Main Lobby where lost items are placed (an astounding number of heavy jackets end up here in the middle of the winter). Children and parents should check frequently for lost items. Please label everything with at least your child’s first and last names. If you are comfortable writing their current classroom or your phone number on the items, the chance of them getting back to their rightful owner increases enormously.

Scooters and Skateboards

Scooters and skateboards are not allowed in school.


Strollers create a hazard in our busy building, so please park them in the special stroller parking area (without babies) in the outer vestibule of the main lobby (Bonus – the Security Guard can see them).


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