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Connect with Kids
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Resources for families of children with special needs.
Citywide school resources

New York City School Help
A great new resource for educational information from a former P.S. 321 mom and professional organizer.

NYC D.O.E. Parent Rights and Responsibilities
The New York City Department of Education recognizes that children excel when parents work closely with teachers and principals to develop strong partnerships. As partners in education, parents, guardians, and other family members have certain rights and responsibilities.

NYU About Our Kids
Cutting edge mental health information from the venerable NYU Child Study Center.

Parents Helping Parents
A neighborhood resource offering parent workshops on a variety of family issues.


Public PreK Options
While PS 321 does not currently offer Pre-K, information about full-day, public PreK options can be found on the Department of Education’s web site.

Handout: Organizational Skills Training for Children

Many parents attended the 12/1/15 Organizational Skills Training for Children session presented by Dr. Ami Norris-Brilliant and Dr. Maria Edman of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai. The session covered the types of problems that can arise for our students at school, and provided intervention tips and strategies including partnerships between home and school, developmental milestones, and academic expectations.  You can download the handout from the session here: Mt Sinai Organizational Skills Training for Children Handout Dec 2015.