Reminders: School P’s & Q’s

Please bring your child to school on time – we understand things happen once in a while, but dropping off your child late is disruptive to everyone!
If your child is sick, KEEP THEM HOME. Too many kids with active colds or stomach bugs are being sent to school – yuk!
Dogs (all sizes) are NOT allowed on school property, including the area in front of the school.
Strollers are not allowed inside the school building. If you can, please park them by the vestibule before you come in.
Try to pack everything your child needs before coming to school, though we know no one can be perfect every day. If the forgotten item is something like a water bottle or a utensil – THERE IS NO NEED TO MAKE A SPECIAL TRIP TO DROP IT OFF. We have water and other basics. We promise your child will not go thirsty or spork-less at snacktime. Thank you!