Our School

Our School

PS 321 is a vibrant and diverse neighborhood school. In our heterogeneously grouped classrooms, children of many different ethnic groups learn to become part of a classroom and school community that fosters not only tolerance, but also true respect for all people. We help children learn to think creatively and analytically. Our standards-based curriculum recognizes that all children can learn when they have clear expectations within rigorous classrooms. We recognize that children learn in a variety of ways, however, and that we need to be sensitive to differences in learning styles and to provide additional support to children who need it. In our school, children, teachers, administrators, parents, and support staff are part of a community of learners.

Contact Information

PS 321/The William Penn School
180 Seventh Avenue (between 1st and 2nd streets)
Brooklyn, NY 11215

tel:   718-499-2412
fax:    718-965-9605

Elizabeth Phillips, Principal, Lphilli@schools.nyc.gov