Student Life

Get all the pertinent information on your child’s day at school – from the logistics of drop off, pick up and our early bird and after school programs, to the fine details on their daily schedule, curriculum and our student support services.

Curriculum Overview

See the rundown of our teaching methods and philosophies for each subject matter, and deepdive into your child’s grade with grade-specific sections.

Student Support Services

One of our top priorities as a school is to meet the needs of all learners as we strive to meet high standards of performance. In this section, see more on our special education services, as well as information on how to get your child evaluated for services.

Pick Up, Drop Off & Daily Schedule

See all the details on the beginning and end of your child’s day, along with logistical information on timing and drop off/pick up location.

After School & Early Dropoff

We have programs for families who need early drop off, along with after school resources. 

Meals & Out to Lunch

All children are eligible for free breakfast and lunch. See the current menu at, ours is K-8 Alternative Lunch Menu.

Health & Safety 

Safety is our number one concern at P.S. 321. We have two Police Department School Safety Agents who sit at the front desk and in the mini-school, along with a full time school nurse and health assistant.