Family Guide

Family Guide

Welcome to our Family Guide, a page for the grownups who power our school. From how we can help you navigate your child’s education, to enriching events that bring our school together and all the ways you can contribute, it’s all here!

Parent Coordinator

Deb Orr is the PS 321 Parent Coordinator, and your navigator to PS 321. She sits in the main office and can be reached by phone at (718) 499 2412 ext. 1230 and by email at

From registration information to applying to middle school, to remote learning, Deb can help you get answers to all your questions. 

Here’s what Deb gets asked about most:

We’ve got a full calendar of enriching events! 

From September to June, our school schedule is packed with events
for the school and community — and they are powered by our parent volunteers. 
Read on for more information on each one, and learn how
your family can not only attend, but also get involved.


Here’s how to get involved — it’s so easy.

Family involvement is what drives our school and creates rich opportunities for our kids and our community. There are so many ways to help out at PS 321 — from contributing a few hours here and there to becoming a PTA officer, to helping to steer our school programming — and anyone and everyone can do it.

Your funds will help enrich every child’s school experience.

Fundraising powers our grade enrichment programs, our Kindergarten assistants, art teachers, and also help us keep classroom sizes smaller.
We have so many ways to give, from our Fund 321 Direct Appeal campaign, to company matching, to  your everyday shopping and gift-giving. Learn more and get your questions answered, here.