School Leadership Team

School Leadership Team

Our School Leadership Team (SLT) and Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

The School Leadership Team

For over 20 years, PS 321 has had a form of school-based management, the School Leadership Team, or SLT. The SLT is composed of administrators, teachers, and parents who meet monthly and work collaboratively on the school’s budget and the Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP), which includes the school’s goals and objectives. It also provides a forum where issues specific to the PS 321 community can be addressed.

 All SLTs must have an equal number of parents and staff. Elections for parent members are held after the PTA elections each spring. The Principal, a PTA Co-President and a UFT representative (or their designees) are automatically on the team.

 The SLT encourages involvement from members of the school community, and welcomes attendance at its meetings. The agenda for each meeting is posted in the Tuesday Bulletin the week prior to the meeting.  Questions or comments for the SLT may be left in the SLT section of the PTA folder located in the main office.

The 2023-24 School Leadership Team 


Liz Phillips
Avis Akerson
Karen Bacal
Michelle Garcia Sibio
Jacqueline Hughes
Melissa DiPinto
Sara Despres


Katie Raynor
Greta Rosenblum
Stephanie Sellers
Allison Yarrow (IEP parent representative)
Diane Zelenka
Melissa Dimas
Sarah Sampson
Letitia Hazell

The Parent Teacher Association

The PS 321 PTA is a collaboration of parents, teachers, administrators, and support staff within our school community. Every parent/primary caregiver of a child who attends PS 321 is a member of the PS 321 PTA. Our mission is to reach out to our diverse community and welcome all, to provide resources that support an excellent well-rounded education, and to continue to build an involved parent body.

The 2023-24 PTA Officers 


Kay Davis

Katie Raynor 


Maggie Laucius

Kelly Pontano

Co-VPs of Fundraising

Andrea (Dre) Willarson

Chandra Sweet

Sarah Leer

Volunteer Coordinators – Recruitment

Rita Bowen (Recruitment)

Christine Green (Parent Liaison Coordinator)

Recording Secretary

Brianne Hayes

Corresponding Secretary

Casey Cooper (Email Communications)

Leslie McQueen (Website Communications)

Co-VPs of Technology

Becca Felsenthal

Par Trivedi

Jane Doe

Kindergarten Liaison

Kim Dubon