Report Cards Available in NYCSA

Dear 321 Families – on Weds, printed report cards will be sent home in the red folders. They are also available (for a limited time!) to download from your child’s NYCSA account. Most of our families of students in Grades 1 – 5 have activated their NYCSA accounts. For new families and a few others who haven’t yet activated their NYCSA accounts for both parents, we just sent home letters with activation codes. You will also need your child’s student ID/OSIS – you can find this on the report card, or in your child’s Operoo account, under “Student Record.” These letters are only for unactivated accounts – if you have previously logged into NYCSA to check grades, state test scores, biographical info and more, then you will not get a letter. Email Deb Orr with questions.