New Email for Attendance

Thank you for your time and cooperation with this change. If your child will be absent or late, please email with your child’s full name, classroom number/teacher’s name, the date(s) of absence or lateness and the reason for absence. If your child had a Dr.’s appointment, please provide a note via email or in person to excuse the absence or lateness. In particular, if your child receives any kind of diagnosis from a doctor (strep, flu, conjunctivitis, etc.) you MUST provide a doctor’s note for us to have on file. There are a lot of different illnesses going around and it is important that we keep track of this. If your child is injured outside of school and requires accommodations of any kind, you must also provide documentation explaining their limitations (recess, gym, elevator use, etc.). If this is the case,  please bring them into the main office once they return to school to discuss accommodations with the nursing and office staff and Assistant Principal Liz McCormack.