Please Get Your Child Here on Time!

Dear PS 321 Families: We understand that everyone has a challenging morning now and again, but this school year, the number of kids arriving late each morning is higher than it has ever been. Too many families are coming late too often and it is having an impact on classrooms and staff. Arrival time is 8:25am for 1st-5th/8:30am for Kindergarten. Lateness is disruptive to your child’s teacher and classroom, it is time-consuming for out-of-classroom staff to manage, and makes it harder for your child to “sync” with the class dynamic. Please make the needed adjustments to your evening and morning routine to make on-time arrival more achievable. You can try: laying out clothes the night before, picking a breakfast that you can eat on your walk to school, or setting the alarm just 10 minutes earlier to give yourself some wiggle room. Thank you!