Make sure your NYCSA is Activated Before Report Cards are Out

Every parent or legal guardian at 321 should have an activated NYC Schools Account for each student in their family. NYCSA accounts allow parents to view the report cards that will be coming out in early March – there is always a rush of requests at report card time and you’ll have to wait til Deb can catch up. So don’t wait, take care of this before the break! If you have never logged into NYCSA, you will need an Account Creation Letter – these went home recently to parents with unactivated accounts. If you have logged into NYCSA previously, you won’t get a letter because your account is active. NYCSA is the DOE’s main parent portal and you will need it for a lot of school-based things – it’s where you go to view state test scores, MAP and Acadience results, free metrocard eligibility, the DOE’s Save for College program, checking biographical info, filling out the School Surveys, voting in CEC elections, and more. And, it is NOT the same thing as MySchools! Email Deb Orr with questions, go HERE for more info.