Enrichment Curriculum


At P.S. 321, the most important enrichment happens daily in the classroom through an enriched curriculum designed to meet the diverse needs and interests of a wide range of students.   In addition, we have many other enrichment options at P.S. 321.

5th Grade Enrichment Cycles

Many years ago, we introduced  5th grade enrichment cycles, based on a model developed by Joseph Renzulli at the University of Connecticut. These have been highly successful, and we will continue the program on Tuesday afternoons. We offer approximately 12 enrichment classes for 7 classes, meaning that class size will be low in each enrichment class. A variety of kinds of classes are offered, and each one works toward a culminating project.


Our chess enrichment program is funded by the PTA and taught by Nick from Let’s Play Chess.  All second, and third graders will have chess once a week for approximately 12 weeks.   There will be after school and lunch time chess clubs/groups for fourth and fifth graders.


Our fourth grade has a 10 week cycle of drama enrichment, working with Freestyle Repertory Theater. This program has been very successful in the past and links to community building and conflict resolution.

Meet the Writers

Through the long-standing Meet the Writers Program, all students in grades K-5 have an opportunity to meet published children’s book authors, generally two each year.  When we have a writer visit, we purchase his/her books in advance and ask teachers to read them aloud to students.