The PS 321 Green&Healthy Mission: Instill everlasting Green&Healthy values in our kids.

G&H Night

At PS 321, we dedicate the entire month of January to embracing Green & Healthy values, culminating with Green & Healthy Night, an evening of fun for the whole family. Green & Healthy night will get you and your kids moving, tasting delicious healthy foods from local restaurants and our very own students, and practicing ways to reduce, reuse and recycle with fun crafts and games. And don’t forget the obstacle course and dance party in the Gym!

Let yourself be inspired by G&H passion in the classroom and around the school. Use the spirit of the new year to eat well, be active and embrace the 3Rs – Reduce Reuse and Recycle – at school and at home. In 2019, we  introduced the idea of a 4th R: Refuse.  Because the biggest lever in reducing waste is not producing waste. Plastic bags, single serve portions, clamshell and cardboard packaging… refuse, if you can.

Stay Green&Healthy!

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