In partnership with Community Bookstore, we are excited to offer PS 321 families thoughtful and stimulating books. The range of topics includes family, ethnicity/race, gender, and ability. Become a NPFH Book Club member by using the order form below.

You will be able to choose as many books as you like from our great selection of new releases at 15% off the cover price. The NPFH Book Club has provided recommended reading age levels for each book. When books are ready for pick up, Community Bookstore (143 7th Ave) will contact you. The deadline to order is March 31st, 2023.

See the form below! Please also consider contributing to a scholarship to our teachers’ classrooms.  This will encourage and promote diversity with our young readers.

Contact Sarah & Shawn at with any questions.

  • Age Level 4 - 8 years

    Books appropriate for Kindergarten through Second Grade
  • Price: $16.14
  • Price: $15.29
  • Age Level 6 - 9 years

    Books appropriate for First through Third Grade
  • Price: $15.29
  • Price: $16.14
  • Age Level 9 - 12 years

    Books appropriate for Third through Fifth Grade
  • Price: $16.14
  • Price: $6.79
  • Price: $9.34
  • Age Level 8 - 12 years

    Books appropriate for Fourth and Fifth Grade
  • Price: $14.44
  • Price: $7.64
  • Price: $11.04
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