Another Way to Support 321 – Fill Out Your School Survey

The NYC School Survey is now available for all DOE public school families – the deadline to submit is April 5th.  A high level of participation helps our school – family completion rates are a measure on our School Quality Snapshot. It only takes a couple minutes to fill out and your responses are confidential – tell the DOE what you think! You do not need the paper form to fill out the survey.  It is easy and painless to do online. You can access the survey through your NYC Schools Account (NYCSA). After logging into NYCSA and clicking through to the survey, your code is a lowercase “f” and then your child’s nine-digit student ID (e.g. f123456789). Families can find their student’s ID/OSIS number in their NYC Schools Account, under “student,” or on their child’s Operoo profile, or on a previous report card (grades 1- 5). If you can’t find the student ID or need the account creation code to set up your child’s NYCSA, email Deb Orr. The parent/guardian survey can also be filled out HERE or on paper. Questions? Email Deb or go HERE for more info.