The Upside of Screen Time: Using Tech to Enhance Your Child’s Social World

Thursday, December 10
6:30 to 8 pm
Via Zoom

Screens have exploded into our kids’ social worlds during this pandemic. While it’s common to default to this is bad, this is not childhood, this will rot their brains, speech-language pathologist and mindfulness teacher Susan Brennan makes a compelling case for how technology (with guidelines and structure) can actually enhance and expand kids’ social worlds and bring competence and excitement to their interactions, both remotely and in person. 

Susan will discuss what is new about kids communicating with one another, what actually works for different kids, how they can find their strengths in communication and work on their challenges without the pressure of social demands all day long. If we explore and embrace what technology has to offer our kids, they will have a chance to utilize this experience in what is certain to be a changed social world.

Susan Brennan is a speech-language pathologist and mindfulness teacher with a focus in social engagement and cognition. She has a particular interest in the rapid changes erupting in our language and communication today, including the new ways technology has expanded interactions. In her therapy, consultation, and trainings she aims to enhance communication between varying neurotypes, different communicators, and across generations. Susan developed the ASD Nest Project’s Social Development Intervention (SDI) for the K-12 inclusion models. Additionally, she co-designed the Subways Sleuths program at the NY Transit Museum; consults to schools, museums, and parent programs in NYC/Western MA where she has a private practice (The Social Underground); runs a mindfulness program for adolescents; presents to professionals and caregivers across the country on improving and evolving our communication; and has been a guest lecturer at Hunter College, NYU, and Columbia in NYC.