WORKSHOP SERIES:  Talking About Race with Your Children

PS321 and the Diversity Committee are excited to bring back a three-part community workshop series for parents and caregivers on “Raising Race Conscious Children.”

Talking about race is often difficult.  Many times, we worry that we will say the wrong thing, and so choose not to address the issue. This workshop, led by Lori Riddick and Sachi Feris, will give parents and caregivers language, tools, and resources to address race and racial messaging with children. The goal is to help children—and parents—better see their role in working towards a more equitable society.

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“I attended all 3 workshops last year, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience…  Lori & Sachi were fantastic and strived to make the workshops hands-on and concrete. The workshop gave me some concrete strategies (naming race, etc) and increased my confidence in using race conscious language. I would definitely recommend it to friends and colleagues (I already have!) and would be interested in more workshops of the same nature.”  – Marina

“I attended the first two meetings which I felt were useful. I especially enjoyed the break-out sessions where we could practice. That was really important, because many of the ideas presented were extremely uncomfortable to put into practice as someone who was raised with the understanding that it is impolite to talk about race directly. Thanks for organizing the workshops. They’re so important!”  – Elise

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