Kid’s Club After School

The goal of PS 321’s after school is to offer an array of high quality programs that further enrich our children’s day. With the support of the PTA, we provide workshops at a low cost. These programs provide an environment that fosters healthy relationships among peers while instructors use talents and interests of their own to enrich the lives of students.

After School Coordinator: Courtney Gilbert –

We will return to a normal Kid’s Club schedule for the 2021-2022 school year.

Our Fall Cycle begins after Columbus/Indigenous Peoples’ Day on Tuesday October 12th.

  • Kid’s Clubs run once a week from 2:50-4:05pm and will be offered Wednesday – Friday this year
    • The reason for this – Limited space. Kid’s Orbit will be using our larger spaces on Monday & Tuesday; Mondays, staff have professional development which uses many classrooms and Tuesdays teachers need their rooms for parent engagement
    • One exception: Coding Space on Mondays for 2nd & 3rd graders
  • There are 3 Kid’s Club cycles during the year: Fall, Winter & Spring
    • Each cycle has 8-9 class sessions, with a week between for registration
    • Clubs cost between $150-$250 (with the exception of concert band with the BK Conservatory)
  • Clubs are taught by parent volunteers and staff at our school, along with a few partnered programs who recently joined us
    • Interested in running a Kid’s Club? Please fill out this form.
      • We are always looking for parents/guardians to lead Kid’s Clubs which proves to be a very rewarding experience for parents and kids alike! If you volunteer to lead a class, your child gets automatic, free enrollment. You can even enlist the help of a friend to co-teach your class with you.

How do I find out about Kid’s Club?

Sign up for the Tuesday Bulletin. Once you do, you will receive weekly emails with Kid’s Club updates and plenty of other important school news. Highly recommended! This is the fastest way to find out Kid’s Club updates.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

If you need financial assistance for Kid’s Clubs, please fill out this form. Your information will only be shared with our after school coordinator and the guidance counselors. We offer scholarships to those eligible for free or reduced school lunch.

Are Kid’s Clubs considered a child care tax credit?

YES! Did you know that Kid’s Clubs are tax deductible? If you need the PTA tax ID & EIN number, simply email Courtney with your child’s full name and the clubs they attended. She can easily provide you a receipt with the appropriate information.


Outside Program Information

Brooklyn Seeds – Brooklyn Seeds nature and gardening after-school program in Prospect Park will have kids learning about amazing trees and delicious weeds!  They learn to recognize and help native and endangered plants, grow and bring home delicious greens and explore the coolest plants, animals, and fungi in the great outdoors.  The program begins Monday September 13th and classes run from 3:00-5:30pm. Register at 

*This is the same gardening program run by Eman that we’ve hosted at PS 321 Mondays for over a decade!*

Eman of Brooklyn Seeds will be offering pick up to 321 families on Monday and Tuesday and will bring the children back to 321 for dismissal

Kid’s Orbit – Kid’s Orbit will be running a comprehensive after school program at PS 321 Monday – Friday from 3:00-6:00pm. You can register here:

Kid’s Orbit is currently full Monday-Thursday, but there are spots available for Friday.


Groups picking up from the backyard, behind the mini school (between the Mini School Building and 1st St.):

Brooklyn Game Lab

Groups picking up from the auditorium:

BAX, Beansprouts, Brooklyn Trails, KoKo, Penguin Coding School, Run 4 Fun, The Tiny Scientist

Groups picking up in the K hallway:

Brooklyn Seeds (outside of K-120/the atrium)

The Coding Space (outside of K-120/the atrium)

Park Slope Conservatory (outside of K-114/entrance to the lunchroom)

Many other programs offer after school pick up here at PS 321, but we do not have a full list. You will have to check their websites and see if 321 is a location that services are being offered. If you know of a group picking up your child who is not listed here, please email Courtney:

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